Saturday, October 29, 2022


Over fourteen years ago, nudists meddled in the local peace movement, and showed up at protests wearing their message and nothing else. San Francisco insisted that, at the very least, they bring towels. Because you always need a towel. Towels promote intergalactic social sanity. It was rather Douglas Adamsian.

Surely you remember the naked men in the Occupy movement? The nakedeers at Castro? The nudists for peace who by threatening to show up nixed a pro-Palestine manifestation?
Naked bicyclists going through Chinatown and the Financial District?

This blogger is completely in favour of naked radicals.
Under a number of specific circumstances.
One of them being indoors.
Or Berkeley.

Honestly, Berkeley, all of Berkeley, every inch of it, is perfect for nudity. I haven't been to that city in over a decade, but I remember it as a warm hospitable environment where nudity can thrive. There are no children or old people there, so it's entirely safe for large naked women and scrotal inflation dude.

Not only Berkeley, but most of the East Bay is perfect for naked people and their hammers.
I fondly imagine hordes of them showing up at church suppers, get out the vote drives, and art openings. Sporting events. Barbecues. Open studios. Frat boy keggers.
I promise that I will never bring my clothing to their parties.
My clothing is utterly bourgeois; I admit that.
Please don't threaten me with tools.
Do you have a towel?

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