Monday, October 03, 2022


During the latter half of September, we learned that most Americans are scared of black mermaids. Well, many of them. Having myself never run across a mermaid, and done nothing to piss her off, I myself do not have any such fear.
Also, I haven't swum in years.
Not because of mermaids, but because too many of you piss in the pool.
Most of my fellow Americans are pretty fair disgusting.
Plus I don't know what you're carrying.

Apparently you're also terrified of accents (mine), and people smoking pipes in public (me). So instead of pissing in the pool, could you all kindly go piss up a rope?
Thank you all so much in advance.

Next up, why can't Pocahontas be a white woman, like everyone else? Stop teaching our kids that she wasn't. It's your bias against Protestant Americans, isn't it? I'll throw a fit!
And tell Ron De Santis!

Somebody do something!
Dang liberals!

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