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A show I never watch (because I did not know it was a series, and frankly wouldn't find it interesting anyhow), the Great British Bake-Off, had "Mexican Week". Featuring people with English accents tasked with making approximates of Tex-Mex foods. Like "glockymolo".
I hear it was rife with mispronunciation, stereotypes, bad puns, and stupid jokes.
It sounds like an absolute blast, the cultural event of the season.

I fondly remember the chimichanga I had in London. Largely because it was inedible and I've used it in anecdotes about travel to exotic places (deepest Central London) ever since. The item could be credibly duplicated by mixing two thirds baked beans and one third canned beef stew, wrapping it in a large spongy crepe, and deepfrying it to an even mahogony. Poke it with a knife to drain out the excess oil before plating it next to limp fries, and serve it with condiments on the side. Condiments being no salsa, no hot sauce, no guacamole.
No cheese, no sour cream, no tomatoes or sliced avocado.
Just salt, pepper, and malt vinegar.

The chimichanga is a Texan food invention.

The British chimichanga is a sin.

Much like their chips.

One condiment I'm very fond of is a simple cooked guajillo salsa. It brings out the fruity quality of that dried chile. And improves stupendously after two or three days in the refrigerator. Which is also not really Mexican, but more Arizona and California.
It goes great with chiles rellenos in particular.
Or, for instance, a chimichanga.

Glockymolo. Glood Glod.

Sorry, no illustration for this post. I couldn't think of anything suitable, and I didn't want to post a picture in bad taste. Like English food.

Maybe chicken tikka masala.
That's inoffensive.

It was horribly unfair to throw Mexican food at those contestants. It uses things like spices and chilies. You know, flavour. Something with which they were quite unfamiliar.

Probable trauma. Heartache.

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