Friday, October 21, 2022


First smoke of the day was not a pipe, as one might have expected, but a Dunhill cigarette. Not enough time. When buying a bottle of wine for a dinner party, I also purchased a pack of ciggies. Sometimes a man needs to be degenerate. Gosh darn those things are expensive! The punitive built-in California tax on tobacco products assuredly is discouraging people from smoking (they should try that on crack cocaine and fentanyl), and keeping little kiddies safe (those should be taxed too).

The dinner party was lovely. My friend's new digs have a panoramic view of the city, everything from the towere of the Art Institute on one side all the way through Coit Tower at the other edge. Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach, Saint's Peter and Paul..... Everything tourists come to San Francisco to see, but without the tourists themselves.

My friend did NOT tell his dinner guests that they were part of the second coming, unlike Lauren Boebert recently, because there were no Republicans present -- he doesn't invite idiots -- and he is not an idiot himself. So it was quite sane and enjoyable.
With intelligent conversation and good food.

Both of which were probably absent from the event Lauren Boebert attended. As a side note, not related to the view OR the ciggies, I really think that a belief in the second coming ought to disqualify anyone from public office, because it's evidence of insanity and a greater likelihood of criminal tendencies.

Which, of course, are Republican hallmarks.

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