Tuesday, December 17, 2019


Pursuant a post about the inane extroversion of dogs and an idiotic musical about cats I made some mention of the types of people whom cats will get along with. And it should be mentioned that I know several cats, many of which I see when I wander around Chinatown. Store cats. Very independent minded individuals who like to be scritched, especially on the back of their heads right behind the ears. They are 'social', but not severely so. Feel free to deal with them on an equal to equal basis. But please do not presume.

I enjoy their attention, and do not talk down to them.

[Well, in a sense I do. Can't stoop very well.]

Nice creatures. Haven't gotten low enough to look them in the eye or guess what they like to eat. But I would imagine that they have carnivore breath.
I think they are active mousers, and I would believe that their humans are rather fond of them, but NOT in the wuzza wuzza wuzza fashion.

A commenter (Frau Doktor W) on the post referenced wrote: "The stray cats of Jerusalem like me; though I fear that of your list of folk that cats like I fit squarely into the "grouchy old lady" category despite not having achieved even two score years."

That calls for a Venn Diagram that many dog-owners just will not understand.

If I had a cat, I would probably do laundry much more often; cats like piles of warm clean clothes. And I might actually be a more likeable person.

Cats, as is well-known, have an affinity for pipe smokers.

Which is very often reciprocated.

Hello Kitty isn't a cat.

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