Sunday, December 08, 2019


It was dry and sometimes sunny Friday morning. On a personal level I feel keen disappointment that Ecky did NOT have to put Rusty Sparkles out in the rain. Seeing as, like the garbage, I deal with that more often than anyone.
My estimable coworkers are incapable of working with trash or tetanotic holiday reindeer. It's an attitude problem.

They are from a different planet than myself.

One with no responsibilities.

Ecky deeply loathes Rusty Sparkles, and hopes that this year is the year when she finally bites the dust. Whereas all right-thinking people think that she adds a certain je ne sais quoi to our x-mas decor.

I've had my tetanus shots. And I suspect Ecky of having developed a totally Marinite attitude to "vaccinations", since his youth escaping measles, rubella, and an iron lung. Which is a very white characteristic of his.
The tetty nooses are out to get him.

Rusty Sparkles is the Philips Electronics Christmas beast the goes out on the grass every holiday season as a beacon to the public, signalling that we are in full celebratory mode. The key thing to remember is use bactine afterwards. And don't plug in the cord under the awning before making sure she's fully connected after erection. It is better to have a short than to electrocute yourself and go flying from the top of the ladder into the thorny shrubs.

Because it's all wet in rainy weather.

This is also good life advice.

If I were a guru to the spiritual folks that live in Marin, that is what I would tell them. "It is better to have shorts than to be on top of ladders or in thorny shrubbery, my disciples, much better." And "take out the damned garbage once in a while you lazy bastards, rather than leaving four bags of it fermenting in the employee bathroom!"

But I am far too Christian and forbearing to do that.
Instead I plot pyres and the rack for them.
And a return to the middle ages.

Happy holidays.

Ecky, you need to develop some Christian love in that shriveled weaselly conniving heart of yours. Precisely like I have.

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