Wednesday, December 11, 2019


"And how are you doing today?" Well, you called just as this man was putting on his socks, while relishing the warm mentholated feeling the foot powder was giving to his toes. Oh baby! And by the way, Mike, I do not have a computer technician, and do not subscribe to any such services.
So I think you're simply a computer criminal South Indian from somewhere near Hyderabad or Bangalore trying to make some extra money this festive season by ripping off easily confused first-worlders.
Does your mother know what you're doing?
How you can afford to buy that sari?

Or do you intend to wear it yourself?

You will look so festive!

Don't forget the handbag, Michael, a good accessory completes an outfit.
But stash your bidis in the bustier. Next to the flask of Royal Challenge.

Louis Vuitton makes some nice bags. Or, if you really screw a few elderly first-worlders good this time, a Birkin Bag (by Hermes). Some examples cost up to three hundred thousand dollars (21 million rupees)!

A more stylish carrying bag for paan and requisites cannot be imagined.
Also functions well as a tiffin container.

Michael hung up on me.
Damned quitter.

My own fault for trying to give fashion advice to Indians.
Restrained good taste just ain't their bag.

I love Desis.

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Frau Doktor W said...

If restrained good taste is your bag, then go with Coach. Louis Vuitton is far too flashy.

The back of the hill said...


Agreed, but we're talking sarees here, so there's less restraint than meets the eye.

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