Wednesday, December 04, 2019


Many of my favourite women used to be little Chinese girls. Most of my least favourite men weren't. Some conclusions one could draw from this would be wrong. My apartment mate, the ladies at the pharmacy, little miss Mak who hates needles and has been forced to wield a hypodermic in my regard several times, and women at bakeries, especially the bakeries where one can get Hong Kong Milk Tea. All of these were once little Chinese girls.

My least favourite men are all cigar smoking football fans.

Quite a few of my favourite animals are porkchops.

A remarkable coincidence.

About the only significant knowledge that the information contained in these statements can render is that some Venn Diagrams are virtually useless.

On the other hand, I derive great pleasure from this Venn Diagram. It is aesthetically pleasing, to the teenage high-school student within.

A warm fuzzy feeling.

'A' is leaving for work in an hour. I will not see 'B' today, unless I run into them on Stockton Street. Same goes for 'C' and 'E'. If 'C', it is good. If 'E', no comment. I may run into 'F' today, don't know. 'D' is a 100% certainty.

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Frau Doktor W said...

It would also seem that some of your favorite people are Jewish bloggers, yes?

The back of the hill said...

Correct. But they are not at the extremes of the class. More sort of in the center.

Ptolemy said...

No, no, no. All wrong. 'A' is Arsinoë. 'B' is Berenice. And 'C' is Cleopatra.

The back of the hill said...

Nearly bust a gut there, you classical historian!

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