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Monday, July 09, 2018


Adding to the list of things that we as a country officially hate -- Puerto Rico, the environment, brown people, restrictions on industrial chemicals, and not for profit prisons -- there's breast feeding. Which is reprehensible.
Boobies, especially foreign boobies, are bad.

We've told other countries so.

Quote: "The US delegation threatened retribution on trade and military aid to Ecuador to get the nation to drop the resolution, according to the Times, and said at least a dozen countries also avoided the resolution out of fear of the US. Members of the delegation also suggested cutting US funding for the World Health Organization." End quote.

Source: NYT: US threatened nations over breastfeeding resolution

It's absolutely appalling what those foreigners do with breasts.
Nobody in the bible ever had mammary glands.
The Virgin Mary didn't have 'em.

There's no telling what such things lead to.


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