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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


After the past month at work in Marin County, you'll forgive me if, in my estimation, the only things that were worth eating in Marin were burritos, corn chowder, and hot sauce. Marin has some of the richest and most 'woke' communities on the planet. They can afford the best!
Burritos, corn chowder, and hot sauce.
Trust me on this.

Admittedly my exposure to fine dining in Marin is extremely limited, because without a vehicle I depend on whatever is within reach; two fastfood joints, a convenience store (think "Kwik-E-Mart"), and the ravenous desperation of one of my co-workers every few weeks or so.
Mostly, lunch while at work consists of sandwiches from the nearby convenience store, made edible with a bottle of Sriracha.

A week ago 'Ecktor' made a run for burritos.
On Sunday Neil made corn chowder.

Yesterday's sandwich was more New Yorkish hoohah than it was worth. Soft and nearly flavourless meats, bland and rather offensive white cheese, no condiments added, and thin miserable spongy tasteless rye bread.

I am left wondering at America's obesity crisis.
The big question is "why?"
And "how?"

I guess it must be all that vegetarian food, huh?
Plus your addiction to energy drinks.
Kale. And blue berries.

You know, if you take a fastfood burger and sit on it, it becomes small and dense, and you can fit more of them into your stomach.

Same with fries and "crispy" chicken lumps.

Dipping sauce, not so much.

On an unrelated and quite irrelevant side note, a Dominican belicoso with a Brazil wrapper may very well be the new breakfast of champions.
Medium strength, nice spicy edge, toasty-malty.
It has a very regular burn.

Great with strong coffee.

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