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Sunday, July 29, 2018


There were a whole bunch of children outside, with bicycles and helmets, while I was eating my tea-time sandwich (smoked meat, pepper cheese, chili sauce). They were supervised by a responsible adult, of course, because in the modern era you don't let kids out on their own.
I felt like yelling out at them "hey kids, come on inside! We got cigars!"
People like me are precisely why you don't let kids out on their own.

When I was young we weren't so protected and precious.

I enjoyed my first cigar when I was fifteen.

And already smoked a pipe.

I can honestly say I was an innocent little fellow, with my modest collection of briars and growing fondness for the dark Latakia blends. I didn't develop a taste for Scotch whisky till years later, back then it was the occasional (rare) glass of sherry, or a shot of Oude Genever.
But usually strong tea.

"Hey kids, come on inside! We got cigars!"

Nope, no sherry or Scotch. There's a bottle of frat boy party vodka on top of the refrigerator for cleaning, but you don't want to drink that.
It doesn't go well with good tobacco.

And no, we're not sending you down the road to the store with a note for Sukhwinder-ji: "Please give bearer a bottle of Old Reprobate, and bill us for it when next we're in". Children should not be entrusted with matters of credit. At least not until they have a job and find out about values and prices. Kids in Marin are special, they don't understand such things until into their thirties, when they graduate, with a degree in Ayahuasca, and their parents finally set them up with a loft in the Mission District.

"Tobacco can open the door to self-healing and a deeper understanding of the world, but the potency -- and potential pitfalls -- of these experiences means that a cigar deserves proper attention to set and setting, which will positively influence the internal landscape of a person’s psyche."

Native healing, mysticism, aesthetics, philosophy, religion, shamanism, all kinds meaningful, gestalt, natural green shit, and all that.

Why deny anybody the wonderful benefits?

It's life-changing, man.

Or meat and gluten. If you're from Marin, you might never have eaten them.
Trust me, these substances are life changing too.

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