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Monday, July 09, 2018


Because someone flipped a double bird, Stephen Miller threw away eighty dollars worth of sushi the other day. He took offense at the bartender exercising freedom of speech. He should get used to it.

Per Marketwatch:

"Miller, 32, was picking up a takeout order from a restaurant near his City Center apartment in Washington, DC, when the barman followed him out into the street and shouted, “Stephen!” before making the rude gesture and cursing him out."


Allegedly he feared that someone had spit or taken a dump in his food.

And what IS this world coming to?

Boohoo, bitch.

Reasonable people would really not mind if they had to watch his intestines being extracted from his body with a rusty safety pin. Same goes for Sarah 'Red Chicken' Sanders, Kirstjen 'Taco Plate Special' Nielsen, and several other henchdogs of the Orange Pustule.

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