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Wednesday, July 18, 2018


One phrase stands out from a recent article about our president being interviewed on Fox News. And no, I did not see the interview, because hearing that man speak gives me blood pressure. The article was a BBC breakdown. Because the English watch Fox even if nobody else does.

"Mr Trump's depiction of Montenegro as a nation of conflict-crazy lunatics ... "

[SOURCE: 'Stupid statements'.]

The president was confusing Montenegro with Russia. Or Texas.
He misspoke, I'm sure of it.

I regularly cruise into the BBC website to find out what's going on in the world. Today I found out that there is a solution for vaginal dryness.
It comes in a bottle. Oh wait, that's just the advertising banner.

If you live in Russia or Texas, it's recommended.

In either place, purchase a sixpack.

Consume copiously.

No matter how big a fan of the current president you are, you can't rely on videos to keep your tissues "healthy" forever. Eventually the moisturizing effect will wear off.

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