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Friday, July 06, 2018


Today I am resolved to have porkchops. On Wednesday I discovered to my dismay that both porkchopperies I like were observing the holiday.
And ended up eating something else instead.

Which was good, but it wasn't porkchop.

I almost never cook porkchop at home. I much prefer it in a bustling food establishment, arriving at my table hot and fragrant, with rice.
After the soup and Hong Kong Milk Tea.

I could post a recipe, but it would be too precisely inaccurate. Because much of cooking is not exact measurement, but proper timing and quick judgment.
And what if your cooking facilities are vastly different?

The person preparing chops in an out-kitchen, with ventilation by means of a missing wall, and scrub brush as the source of heat, will need a different plan than the suburbanite in a cool air-conditioned modern culinary laboratory.

You need a frying pan. Salt, pepper. Sauce materials of some sort.
Plus flour, starch, grease, liquid.

It should be a natural process.
Inspiration and zen.

Lamb chops are very similar, but one almost never finds lamb chops in a Chinatown restaurant. Which is a pity.

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