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Monday, June 08, 2015


We've all been there. The long convoluted discussions that sneakily mutate into exchanges of craziness with people who are incapable of understanding nuance, grasping fine details, or seeing things in shades of grey. At that point you belatedly realize that you entered the Twilight Zone.
To some people -- likable people -- all is black or white.
There are NO subtleties in their beautiful world.
Easy charm hides a lack of depth.
Nice, but seriously nuts.
Too fervid.

Often those people will betray a complete inability to understand irony, sarcasm, or wit. They are threatened by differences or dissent.

On Facebook, they are friends of friends. Of other friends.

Or friends because of friends.

As a side-note, I should mention that the internet age has not increased the number of stark-raving nuts, but it has given them an opportunity to reveal themselves. They've come out of the woodwork, and rather than painting a battered old Volkswagen bus all over with their paranoid religious texts or conspiracies (all caps!), they weasel their way onto comment strings, or seed webpages with their candy.

Precisely resembling spam-bots, except human.

Somewhat like the gentleman below.



There are times when I feel that I'm taking part in conversations like the ones in the video clip above.

Hearing someone read Baudelaire until I wish that unforeseen circumstance would strike them down.

Being forced to eat six really BIG cakes.
Cake could hurt a person, you know.
A baguette is harder than a skull.

I mention this because I am getting ready for another round of de-friending people on social media. At this point there are less than half a dozen candidates for excision left, but never-the-less their regular visits to the surface to exhale before heading down again to consume schools of plankton and squid are disturbing, so close to the boat.

I would wish them more sporadic.
Or entirely absent, even.

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