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Sunday, June 07, 2015


If the video below doesn't make you squeal with all the maternal warm fuzzies you can muster, there may be something wrong with you.
Seriously. Your nurturing instinct.
Possibly missing in action.
See a doctor.



And below, from bat motherhood at its finest, Rachel and Reka.


Baby Reka is now a couple of weeks old and all is going well for her and mum, Rachel.Although I mostly leave mum and bub alone it is important to keep a check on Reka's tummy to ensure she is getting enough milk and that she is growing well.The nights are cold in South East Queensland and baby Reka is kept warm and toasty wrapped protectively in her mothers wings.Bat mothers are wonderful mothers and they care for their babies with affection and dedication which is why we always try for a reunion when a baby is found low to or on the ground.It is a very special feeling to reunite a frantic mother with a screaming infant and to watch mum scoop her baby up in her soft leathery wings before flying off into the night together.
Posted by Batzilla the Bat on Wednesday, June 3, 2015


That should be enough cuteness to start your day.

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