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Tuesday, June 02, 2015


There was a crazy person on the bus, alternating between comatose and freely gibberant. The young lady next to whom he sat got up and stood in the aisle for the rest of her journey. I think he took that amiss; he babbled with greater agitation, and swung his head in wild circles.

No, I didn't do anything about it.
There were other folks far closer.

Besides, he seemed harmless enough. Incomprehensible, insane, and quite unfocused. Sad to say, his behaviour probably provided many passengers with something to talk about once they came home.

"Alas, there was a crazy person on the bus", they will begin, "who made everyone feel somewhat uncomfortable". And their housemates will exclaim in ooh and aah, before remarking that either it was a gluten allergy or possibly global warming.

Part of the problem is that back in the sixties we tipped the country sideways and all the goony birds slid down into the catch drain.
Part of the problem is that we encourage a wide spectrum of alternate reality in San Francisco.
And part of the problem is that Reagan when he was governor opened all the booby hatches to increase the number of Republican voters.
That is why they named an airport after him.

When the economic bubble bursts and all the internet start-ups go down the tubes, all the new residents will go back to Iowa and Ohio, even the numerous South Asians, people of British derivation, and Brazilians.
Unfortunately they will leave us all the crazies that they made homeless when they drove up rents.

Please guys, take your loonies with you!

Have you no compassion at all?

Oh, sorry, I quite forgot.

You're all Repubs.


San Francisco has nearly the twice the level of recreational drug use as the rest of the nation. No, that isn't the long-established nutballs, be real. They can't afford narcotics and designer chemicals, they're perfectly unhappy with alcohol. It's the programmers, marketing types, and proud designers of new exciting bees knees apps that have flocked here since the take-over by the tech industry. The glandular beast contingent.
When you work all day and party all night, you need help.
Comforting reliable chemical assists.
Hip bromides.

Heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and pineal gland extract.
The hormonal secretions of abducted tourists.
Concentrated pheromones.

Plus energy drinks.
You rockstar, you.

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