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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


That was the succinct judgement of my apartment mate, while watching a bunch of brick-headed blondes on Long Island arguing with each other. While I gladly agree -- rich housewives of Stuckupistan are, in my mind, repulsive -- it was a television show that she had chosen to watch.
Her decision. Not mine.

"These are some of the ugliest women on the planet! And why do these hos all look like they have the same bottle of blonde? Somebody, slap them!"

I am personally not at all vested in the melodramatic misbehaviour of very white cows who have far too much money. Or very black cows with the same ailment ("Atlanta").
I do not need a refresher course on how to act like a vicious superficial bitch. Primarily because, being a middle aged white man living in San Francisco, I have learned from drag-queens how to do that.
They don't mind me even though I'm straight.
I appreciate their senses of style.

Still haven't mastered the phrase "ooh, snap!", but I'm working on it.
It sounds better if you're wearing stiletto heels, though.
There's much more existential pain then.
Your feet are screaming.

Stiletto heels make a difference.

Personally, I feel that no woman with any sense at all should wear stiletto heels. Bad for the back, bad for the knees. It's torture.

I have to ask, what are YOU wearing while reading this?

Surely you aren't wearing high heels, are you?

Maybe you have nothing on?

Naked is fine.

I often imagine my readers to be naked as jaybirds. It makes writing this blog a rewarding experience.

Heels are bad.

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