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Monday, June 15, 2015


One of my friends refuses to join Facebook, as in his field any internet presence may become a liability. Consequently his name shall not be mentioned here, nor any messages directed at him.
For certain professionals Facebook just isn't part of the programme, nor Twitter, or any of the other popular social media with which people ruin their careers or other people's reputations.
I applaud his wisdom.

Facebook should exist solely for cat pictures.

Another person I know mistakenly believes that Facebook must serve as a marketplace of ideas, where serious-minded individuals cut through the chatter and effect positive change in the world. Consequently, everything eventually becomes sneeringly contentious.

When such a person starts paying attention, one naturally wishes that he would go back to sleep, lest every foray on-line become a confrontation, no matter how light-hearted the status update. A picture of Hello Kitty leads to a long critique of one's stance regarding the Israeli-Palestinian issue, American electoral politics, and the Greek debt crisis.

Facebook is not for that.

Think of FB as banter, light-hearted social conversation, discovering points of agreement without the need for serious roundtable discussion, plus in-jokes, witty comments, nods, winks, smiles.....

Entertainment, and the occasional exchange of opinions, albeit with people that one gets along well with and whose points of view one appreciates, or whose flashes of insight one values.

And, of course, feline portraiture.

Here's a cat!

Facebook is a way to ascertain that one's friends and acquaintances are still kicking, while being briefly exposed to their lives, personalities, and thought patterns.

Normal people go on-line strictly for the re-assurance and fellow-feeling offered by an easy form of social contact.

Not to be harangued by philosophy majors.

Nietsche was a drip.

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