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Tuesday, June 16, 2015


The problem with animals is that they operate on a different reality than we do. Animals have scant sense of time, and a set of values that bear little relation to the humans with whom they associate.

There you are, barely waking up and staring at the ceiling, when you become aware of a cat bottom very near your face. Kitty decided that your chest was a great place to take a nap. And the slow puffs of warm breath from your nostrils were beyond a doubt the perfect note of comfort. But your morning breath reminds her of a swamp, so she positioned herself facing the other way.

At this point, like any normal person, you think of coffee.
Dark, strong, bitter. Hot and steaming.
And you get up.

A cat person, on the other hand, will just lie there passively, using gentle suggestions in an attempt to get the damned feline to leave. "Momma's gotta go to work, Pudding, don't you think you should sleep somewhere else?" "Oh please get up, Banana, I'll fix you yummie nummies!" "It's already late, Puffikins, I'm going to miss the bus." "Hear that, Oodlywoodle, that's my boss wondering where I am...."
"I'm probably gonna get fired this time."

I am not a cat person, and I have no animal in my apartment.

If there were, I'd name him something sensible.

The name 'Roger' sounds okay.

"Roger, get your ass outta my face NOW!"

I cannot help think that Ozzie the Weasel, in the video clip below, at some point felt keen sadness when his human picked him up and deposited him in his cage, so that work could be done.
He still wanted to play!


Youtube user: Frisco68.]

I've watched that youtube film several times over the past year. I just won't get enough of that rambunctious fur-sausage! That, dear readers, is an adorable beast. Lovable, and ferocious. As well as cute.
I am not ashamed to admit it.

The hand will eventually realize that Ozzie needs to be put somewhere else, if only so that the thumb and his digital friends can actually use the various electronic devices.

How sad.

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