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Sunday, November 24, 2013


In reaction to commenters screaming imprecations and threats at someone on the internet (in other words, typing away furiously while committing several offenses against manners, logic, grammar, and mr. spellcheck),
I mentioned that the meat in question was actually quite tasty.

At the risk of offpissing the culinarily impaired and witless in the English speaking world, here's a handy how-to.


Rinse the meat, chop it into chunks, (leave bones in), blanch it briefly in boiling water then drain, and gild it in lard with ginger and scallion. Add star anise, splash of soy sauce, yellow wine, and superior stock. If the animal is more mature also throw in a clove or two, and use more ginger, as well as some garlic.
Simmer for an hour.

嘩, 真係好食呀!


狗肉 is heating (热氣), and should be cooked with both 良薑 and 生菜.
A hotpot is best.

BTW, it's seven o'clock on a Sunday morning. I'll be leaving the house in slightly over an hour, and will not return till after dinner time. That gives people who object to eating 狗仔 plenty of time to calmly compose a non-screaming and well-reasoned response.
Or, conversely, to finally experiment.


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