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Sunday, November 03, 2013


Recently several countries have been rather upset at the United States.
Which, pretty much since the Soviets started subsidizing communist parties and dissaffected malcontents all over Europe and the Third World in the post World War Two freeze, is normal.

Most of the truly venomous hatred of America and Americans in Europe, Africa, and Asia, has always been from the cold left.
During the Vietnam war, admitting that one was an American citizen in parts of Western Europe was inadvisable, as it might elicit threats and insults, if not always violence. It was in any case guaranteed to make one the last table served in a restaurant.

Now, apparently, the Pakistanis are really pissed at us.
As are the Malaysians.

This is altogether not surprising.

Nor, for that matter, is it in any way meaningful.

They'd scream at us quite irrespective of whatever we did.

The Pakistanis are a fairly worthless bunch of largely ignorant and paranoid cretins, and Malaysia has discriminated against non-Muslims for so long that the average Malay peasant thinks Christians and Jews have horns, and given the treatment they mete out to the non-Muslim minorities in their country, their hatred of absolutely everything that does not hold the Malay up as the example to follow beyond all other models has made them rabid, insane, and more than a little unstable.

Both the Pakistanis and the Malays, besides being closed-minded swine and quite unbearable, support brutal insurrections in neighboring areas,
and encourage their psychopaths to go slaughter Hindus in Kashmir, or Buddhists in Patani.

Or, join the rape fests in Syria, Iraq, and the Sudan.

There is a reason so many of them are on the watch list.

Frankly, we've tolerated Pakistanis and Malays long enough.

They're pissed at us? Back at you, bruddah.

Fortunately everything that anyone could possibly want from them is made by civilized people elsewhere. That being primarily comestibles, like Hyderabadi Nimbu Achar or Lamb Biriani mix from India, in the case of the Pakistanis, and various wonderful sambals made by companies in Holland and Southern California, for Malay stuff.

So really, is there ANY reason to even have diplomatic or commercial relations with either of those two groups?

Should we not better be in a permanent state of discord with them?

Islamabad and Kuala Lumpur are armpits.

Their people savages.

Sod them.


Here in San Francisco I deliberately avoid everything to which that stench adheres. There are a number of dabbas on Polk Street and in the Tenderloin that I will not patronize, as well as several groceries and other businesses. Fortunately, I can cook far better Paki and Malay food than most Pakistanis and Malays, so I have no reason whatsoever to eat the muck they make.

Paya nihari, Sindhi murgh pillaw, biriani, kofta, korma, kabab, shab degh, roghan josh, haleem, kichdi, gajjar halwa, shir birinj...

Gulai ayam, nasi kebuli, rendang, saté, nasi lemak, ayam asam pedas, dendeng, sambal kangkong, semur, ketupat...

Oh yeah, just plain alu gosht and roti too.
Plus nasi goreng, and kwe pisang.

Salamat makan, y'all.


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