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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


As if the host of whiny priggish bitch-and-bellyache spew from New Yorkers weren't enough to make you loathe the place and resolve to burn in hell ere venturing there, New York now leads the nation in self-righteous and inane do-gooder legislation.

They've banned the sale of tobacco to anyone under twenty one.

They'd probably prefer an increase in gang violence, police corruption, alcoholism, and teen pregnancy, to offending the noses of 'Friends'.

New York already has some of the highest taxes on tobacco -- ciggies cost $10.50 in the great state of snoot -- and forces smokers to brave the elements and risk a mugging when enjoying a puff, but now they've decided that supersized softdrinks aren't the greatest threat to civilization; an eighteen year old with smoldering leaves is.

Rather than tackling real problems, like out of control bikers, gang rape, insane democratic party members, and every self-satisfied prig east of the Pecos river making that festering cess-pool their home and writing plays, they've given themselves a feel-good hail Mary and patted themselves on the back. No ciggies for the under twenty one.

I can only imagine the orgy of self-satisfied gloating.

New York: Orwellian lotus land.

Fit for dogs.

BTW: New York Pizza, Coney Island foot-longs, and your cheesecake are crimes against humanity. You guys suck.

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