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There were TWO search criteria that caught my eye this morning. As you know, I scope out the various paths by which people find my blog semi-regularly, one of the main methods being the noting of search terms that random goobers world-wide type into their engine which then finds them this blog.

I like being found. It's better than being an orphan.
All alone in a deep dark world.

Today there were TWO priceless searches.

That brought readers to this very blog.

ONE: "How are Cantonese girls so pretty?"

TWO: "Naked Europe Schoolgirl."

Darnitall, I probably know these guys! Or I feel that I do. Maybe it's a question of auras or karma.

Cantonese girls are pretty if you think they are pretty. The prettiest Cantonese girls are quirky faced to the point of kinda ugly, but with both brilliant intelligence and a level of defiant self-consciousness; precisely like all other pretty girls on the planet. Stupid and indecisive just aren't "pretty" characteristics. Brains are. Think about it; you've talked her into going out to dinner with you. There is a long dull silence between the cocktail and the lobster thermidore. Is that attractive? Or would you rather have someone who can talk world politics, give snarky reviews of teevee shows, and explain algebra? While at the same time making tongue in cheek Monty Python references, and showing a keen appreciation for Arrested Development and Pride and Prejudice?

That could be an intelligent young lady of ANY ethnic background.
If she's Cantonese, she is like all others, one hot mamma. It actually doesn't matter what racial group -- even if you are stereotypic and have a fetish -- an intelligent and well-balance witty conversationalist is by definition a keeper. You had best cleave to her like super-glue.
The question is: are you good enough for her?
If not, just pay for dinner.
Then slink off.

As far as Naked Schoolgirls from Europe are concerned, this is quite a problematic fascination. Schoolgirls are, usually, too young to be legally naked. The exceptions may have been held back several years, especially if they are lower-class Anglo-Saxons, and then their intelligence is severely to be doubted. If they are below eighteen, please rethink the entire paradigm; too young and emotionally un-developed.
If, exceptionally, they are over eighteen years old, they might have the mental acuity of a pile of bricks. In which case any and all conversation will be stultifying, and possibly Eastern European. Frustrating, at least.
Which should prompt the intelligent querant into flight.
No matter how voluptuous the sexy moron.
Slink away, she's only 15 watts!

In short: stop looking for either blonde or black-haired temptresses of a youthful nature. Instead, search for algebra and Sudoku freaks. If they are of a discrete feminine build, in addition to being fascinating and frustrating conversationalists, that is the icing on the cake. But their physical type should not be the prime consideratum.

Can they read?

Do they use words of more than two syllables?

Is their conversation fascinating, infuriating, stimulating, entrancing, and absorbing?

Did taking them out to a restaurant leave you feeling like there are things you should've said that would keep them talking, and in that discussion, kept you guessing?

Some Cantonese girls are indeed "so pretty". And some European schoolgirls are naked.
These are mighty good thing, and very appetizing indeed.
But there is more than that.


In another two hours I shall be heading out to Marin County. While I'm there, I may very well think of pretty Cantonese girls, as well as naked European maidens. That is neither here nor there.

Without conversational ability and more than a modicum of brains, the pretty Cantoneseness OR the European nudity is a waste of time.

Nice. But pointless.

By the way: I am a naked European schoolgirl, and my tits glow in the dark.

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