Monday, December 31, 2012


Shan't say which restaurant, as you are not likely to ever go there unless you are originally from Hong Kong, in which case you already know better. But it was not a good experience. Fish collops and eggplant in a clay pot, the best part being the five or six bellpepper slivers thrown on top for colour.
I've had better rice, too.
But the milk-tea was excellent.
And the service was absolutely stellar.

The last time I went there the service was stressed out and absurdly haphazard, and the food was right on the cusp of mediocre. But on the wrong end thereof, where the howling pit of bad buggery awful stares up at the diner gnashing its teeth.
I am strangely fond of establishments that try so apathetically.
And in the case of this particular place I have never yet had a good meal.
It just isn't in the cards.

Eating there is like being on a date with a lovely young lady whose spongy brain is entirely occupied by handbags, fashion accessories, how to be fabulous, and Hello Kitty. It looks good, but you do not wish to invite it in for coffee unless you are Hugh Heffner. You would much rather run away screaming at the end of the date, or go to the bathroom and never come back.

I left a very good tip.
As I said, the service was excellent.

On the other hand, I've noticed a restaurant nearby with high ceilings and chandeliers that I would really like to try some day. But I rather suspect that they do not have much that is suited to the single diner.
So it will have to wait.

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