Tuesday, December 25, 2012


When I left the house for Marin County yesterday afternoon, there was a small pig sitting outside the church. No, this little fellow was not up for adoption, nor did it appear to be abandoned. The car parked at the curb next to the pet-carrier looked like it came from somewhere rural, and there was a farm trailer hitched behind.

Somebody is getting a special visit this Christmas.
That pig is still very young, not even one hundred pounds.
Personable and charming; a real sweetie-pie among the pork.

It sat in its carrier on the sidewalk, calmly surveying the passing scene with bright intelligent eyes and an intrigued expression on its face. Not sure what the next few hours would bring, but confident that good things would happen.
As, indeed, any pet pig should naturally assume.
A creature whose bipedal associates have extended the trotter of friendship.
This particular porcine individual seemed very well behaved.
And full of the proper holiday spirit.

I am certain that there is a little girl in this neighborhood who has read Charlotte's Web, or seen the movie Babe. She must be ecstatic.
Quite likely her guest-pig is only temporarily in town -- landlords in the city are not fond of livestock -- but for both of them it will be the very best Christmas ever, and the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

Whichever relatives brought along their pig have scored a mighty coup.
I cannot imagine a more delightful reunion.

It makes me wish that I was that age, and had pigs in the family.
She is a lucky child, and I would love to see her face.
Her smile will be absolutely radiant.

Merry whatever the heck it is that we're celebrating.

Insert your own silly joke about "hog-heaven" here.

I'm envious. Of both of them.
You probably are too.

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Monokuro Boo said...


"Let's have your happy time under the blue sky."

So happy with you.

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