Thursday, December 20, 2012


The other evening I ate at a particular restaurant because I know when the lovely daughter of the family will be working there. And, naturally, I have absolutely no intention of telling you where it is.

No, I'm not planning to make a play for the damsel. As far as I know she's still in junior college, and far too young for an old fossil like me. But she is exceptionally nice to look at. She has a sunny face.

No idea what her physique is like. Partly, that is because like many young ladies she dresses comfy-baggy. Partly it's because if I am going to sneak surreptitious peeks, I'll scope out the face. Particularly the eyes. And partly, because that night was cold as a witch's bosom, and I couldn't really focus. Oh, and she was warmly dressed; even more comfy baggy than usual.

Again, not planning to pursue. This blogger is a sober realist. And consequently I know better than to yearn for something I shouldn't.

[FYI: another very important reason to eat there only when she is on the premises is that the uncle who waits tables on the other evenings is not nearly as nice to look at, and he NEVER serves tea to the white people unless they ask for it. I always want tea. Always.]

It's not a question of what I see in her, as it is what she could possibly see in me. Obviously, I see a fresh springlike quality, as well as considerable charm.
But I am utterly clueless as to any characteristics of mine that could appeal to someone of her age, unless it's my peculiarities.
Heaven knows I've got a ton of those.

Still, it's well worth going to the same restaurant more or less every week to please the eyes. They benefit from looking at someone nice.
It's good for the soul, too.

She's a few years older than when I first saw her, and becoming a very sweet young woman. She looks more grown-up now, and she's no longer so timid. Carries her self with greater confidence, too.
And there's a gentleness there.

And seriously, I can hardly wait for warmer weather.
The comfy baggies won't be quite so baggy.
Arms. I bet she has elegant arms.

It was too cold on Tuesday to smoke a pipe after dinner. Nevertheless, I made a valiant attempt. Because it's part of my regular 'tradition' to have a digestive stroll around Chinatown after eating well.
It helps prolong the moments.
Yeah, I damned well froze.
It was worth it, though.

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