Sunday, October 30, 2011


No conversation is possible if someone is only willing to hear their own point of view. When all they will tolerate is the expression of things that they already believe or want to believe, their minds are closed.
The other idea may be wrong - but if it cannot be said, it cannot be counter-argued either. And one may be wrong oneself - the willingness to hear the other person marks rational and civilized discourse.

I rely on you to argue your case. Consequently I will allow dissenting comments.
Not that I welcome them with extraordinary enthusiasm, after all I wish to think that I am right.
But a flat echoing of everything that I also believe is rather unstimulating.

I do not censor. Nor do I wish to be censored.
You may disagree with my opinions.
Some of them, at least.
It is expected.

Why do I mention this?

Because an hour ago a 'Facebook Friend' erased a comment.
The dissenting point of view displeased her.
Her mind remains a closed book.

I have de-friended her.

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Anonymous said...

What was so important that the friend felt compeled to erase your comment. Please share.


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