Monday, August 25, 2008


This blog is not the only one with a certain philosphical theme running through it.
Spiros, Grant, Lev, Graham - go here:
Who is in charge of the sheep-dip?
[If you have speakers, turn them on now.]

You'll be glad you did.

The trop follows standard Western Ashkenazic minhag and pronunciation, and the poskim referenced are Conservative or Left-wing Modern Orthodox at best -- hardly the kind of people that the shtrenge haredisten of Lakewood would call rabbonim. Blasted Calvinists!

Note: the link is to a post on a friend's blog:
Waarheid gezocht, vreemds gevonden
If you do not visit that blog frequently, you should. It is good for your mental health.


Anonymous said...

I thank HB for my 15 seconds of fame... (hic)

now how about this thewn?

The back of the hill said...

Wow. Toasters. A very nice site.

Anonymous said...

Condition One: no pooftahs.

Anonymous said...

A: My name is Grant, not Bruce.
B: Spelled p a t e l, not p o o f t a h. The pooftahs are a different caste - Delhiwallahs, I think.
C: Bruce is the name of every gay man from here to Calcutta. The others are called Brian.

---Grant Patel

e-kvetcher said...

Third Bruce: Blimey, it's hot in here, Bruce.

First Bruce: Hot enough to boil a monkey's bum!

Second Bruce: That's a strange expression, Bruce.

First Bruce: Well Bruce, I heard the Prime Minister use it. "It's hot enough to boil a monkey's bum in here, your Majesty," he said, and she smiled quietly to herself.

Third Bruce: She's a good Sheila, Bruce, and not at all stuck up.

Anonymous said...

No didgeridoos!

Spiros said...

"David Hume could out-consume

e-kvetcher said...

>"David Hume could out-consume

Yes, that's a different girsa...

Spiros said...

G'day, Kvetcher. Good on ya, mate.

Anonymous said...

Throw another shrimp on the barbie!

Anonymous said...

Don't cook a wombat, dude.

---Bart Simpson

Anonymous said...

Barbie is a philospher?

I never knew.

---Grant Patel

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