Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is a public service announcement.

Eephus P. writes:

I was reading my Baseball Encyclopedia the other night (insert snide remark here), and enjoyed the list of pitchers who have thrown no hitters, some of which are listed below:

Pud Galvin (1880, 1884)
Dick Burns (1884)
Adonis Terry (1886, 1888)
Cannonball Titcomb (1890)
Bumpus Jones (his first Major League start , 1892)
Noodles Hahn (1900)
Nixey Callahan (1902)
Johnny Lush (1906)
Hooks Wiltse (1908)
Ed Head (1946)
Bobo Holloman (his first Major League start, 1953)
Bill Monbouquette (1962)

In addition, four different Rubes have thrown no hitters (Rube Waddell, Rube Marquand, Rube Foster, and Rube Vickers); also, my former roommate, who knew nothing about Baseball, always found it humerous that Randy Johnson is known as "the Big Unit".



For some reason, I found this incredibly educational, and worth sharing.

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