Monday, February 26, 2007


I feel fine!

No, I'm not shikker.

The instructions say not to drink with alcohol, as "alcohol could intenisfy this effect" (drowsiness). So I've avoided booze for a few days (meaning only two rather Puritanical lechaims since Friday night).

Phenylhistine DH Elixir


Cephalexin 500MG capsules

That last is, according to the label, 'a Swedish orange, oblong-shaped, capsule imprinted with 93 3147 on one side and 93 3147 on the other side'.

Take one capsule two times daily.
They smell like rotten eggs.

The elixir dosage is one teaspoon every four hours as needed.
It tastes vile. Whoever decided that artificial raspberry flavour would go well with sharp chemical exudate?

But nevertheless, I feel fine! Oh yeah, baby!


Tzipporah said...

ugh. Shall we say a misheberach for you? (Hope you feel better)

Anonymous said...

Are you popping and posting? That can only lead to trouble.

Anonymous said...

"Phenylhistine DH Elixir"

This looks like the wishful thinking of the scientific name of the ancient amalakites called philistines, or popularly known as palestinians.

"Cephalexin 500MG capsules"
It stinks of rotten eggs because it is mostlikely a sulfur drug.

Why don't you just use Oil of Oregano P73 (which is touted to kill international flu germs), or Dr. Ohira's Probiotic 12 Plus (which is even good against that anonymous white powder that people send in white envelopes to politicians and newspaper editors).

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