Thursday, February 08, 2007


I would really like to draw your attention to a new blog:

Let me quote here the first posting, which explains the raison d'etre:
"Here we will be refuting the accusations and exposing the lies that are being told on the streets and in cyberspace about Israel, Jews and pro-Israel organizations.

A severe campaign of disinformation is underfoot that relies on anti-Semitic stereotypes, intimidation, half-truths, and outright lies. These campaigns have gone almost completely unanswered. Until now, they have also gotten little press and were deemed by many to be inconsequential. Given the media blitz that has surrounded Jimmy Carter's book, the Mearshimer-Walt paper, and the coordinated media campaign accusing "Jews," and/or "Zionists" or suppressing free speech and access to the media, we decided it is time to fight back."

The severe campaign of disinformation refers (in part) to two other new blogs, namely Muzzlewatch ( ) and Independent Jewish Voices (, both of which are, shall we say, suspect and biased.

And by suspect and biased I mean basely slanderous and despicable.

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mevaseretzion said...

Important aims!

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