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Russell decided he wanted steamed pork patty with salted egg for dinner (鹹蛋蒸肉餅 'haam daan jing yiuk beng'). And those chopped string beans. Although the word he used for string beans really means long beans, more often. 豆角鬆 ('dau gok song'). In any case, he and the other two gentlemen were going to have that at a place I dislike, and I was planning to have a smoke after tea -- the pipe was already filled for that enterprise -- so I didn't angle for an inclusionary statement, and I didn't feel sad at not being part of the plan.

Did I ever mention that I am not particularly social?

But I do like steamed pork patty (蒸肉餅).

Salt egg (鹹蛋), salt fish (鹹魚).

Besides, much of today I have been in a peculiar mood. Maybe the weather is getting to me. When I left the house the internet had lied and told me the rain had ended. So while waiting for the bus I had been irritated -- what is this crap falling from the sky? -- largely because I was short on time and didn't want to go back for my umbrella. After lunch I sought refuge under an awning with my pipe. A good smoke, but I felt constrained.
A picture from a few years ago shows a friend sheltering from the rain in the Central District. One thing that stands out is that judging by his clothing, it was considerably warmer. Wetter too, but definitely pleasant temperature-wise. His last pipe of the day would be outside his residence on The Peak. It's not that much warmer there this time of year, just enough to make a difference. In summer it gets to be twenty degrees more than here.

Of course we don't get typhoons. So we don't have to worry about heavy equipment falling or roofs blowing off. That's rather a plus.

The year after he returned to England they had the mother of all storms.

Wind and a wall of water moving sideways.

Non-smoking weather.

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