Monday, January 29, 2024


Over three months ago, South Asian, South East Asian, Latino, and Central American university student groups spewed a whole bunch of anti-Semitic statements. And showed, abundantly, that they cheered on and wholeheartedly approved of the brutal murders of Jews. After the war in the Middle East is over, we need to reasses the admission of those people to the United States, whether as students or immigrants, as well as any or all acceptance for ideological expression by certain ethno-cultural groups.

As you would expect, being white-American of hardcore Protestant descent, I am one hundred percent in favour of sending in the riot squad at the drop of a hat.
Breaking loud brown heads? Let's try it.
Might work.

My tolerance for South Asians, South East Asians, Latinos, and Central Americans is rather remarkably low at this time. That may have something to do with their putrid attitudes and behaviour. Don't know. It's quite likely. Somehow, cheering on Hamas does not sit well.
And as for Houthistan, I'm quite okay with flattening it to a pulp.
It would make a nice parking lot on the road to Mecca.

Politically, I remain steadfastly a liberal.
Just not quite as tolerant anymore.
You can thank yourselves.

Ulieden kunnen alllemaal de pot op.
Moordzinnig tuig.

I also have certain ideas about Berkeley and Oakland.
You probably don't want to hear them.
BTW: Screw Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

Oakland has its issues but still boasts of two chachantengs, one on 8th Street (St Anna’s) and one on Webster (Shooting Star), several bakeries in C’Town, plus a decent selection of breweries if one enjoys craft oat sodas. In Berkeley, one can find a good burger at Triple Rock Brewing on Shattuck and afterwards enjoy a nice gin and tonic at Spats. As for eye candy, there is always UCB campus. All that said, I still prefer SF’s C’Town for food and North beach for coffee. The Inner Richmond is a nice getaway too for Vietnamese or decent bar food on Clement. For the best environment though, Pitts Pub out by the ocean cannot be beat. Sipping on a whisky while the fog rolls in, easily beats the east bay for mood, hands down.

The back of the hill said...

Sipping whisky with fog rolling in sounds like a slice of heaven.

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