Friday, January 05, 2024


Many internet trolls, meaning good solid Christians and Republicans from places you never want to go in the fly-overs, are outraged that a KFC in San Francisco is closing. Which is all because of the Democrats, you get what you vote for, Newsom and Breed are destroying the state, crime, drug addicts, faeces, bums panhandlers, and rabid darn liberals everywhere! Biden's American! Woke politics! All those illegals and vegetarians!

Outraged. Ired. Stupendously upset, Very angry. Offended and worked up. Righteously peeved, disturbed, anguished, and panties in a bunch. Oh, the humanity!

Similarly, the closure of so many fine restaurants patronized mostly by Caucasians also gives them fits, for all the reasons listed above. As well as the pampered yuppies.
San Francisco isn't what it has been. Where shall they eat? When finally they visit the city to see for themselves how we liberals have ruined it.

Well, there are plenty of places for them in Burlingame, near the airport.
Also, try Vegas on the way over. And get some dinners to-go.
It is because of them, and their waddlesome kinfolk who already visit, ambling four abreast, slowly down crowded sidewalks, to the great inconvenience of real people, that I suggest that what we desperately need in the downtown is a Wafflehouse or a Golden Corral. Someplace where they will feel at home and pick fights or stress out the furniture with their weight, while loading up on the carbs, greasebombs, and cholesterol so necessary for their comfort. Good food! Not the pretentious garbage or fancy foreign muck that most people here eat.
Good, solid, stick-to-your-ribs, no spices, no garlic, no peppers.
Extra lard sent to your table upon request.

To make it healthy, as well as either Southern or Texan, just add beans.

And real iced tea, extra sweet, no darned boba balls.
Like the good lord intended.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, the outrageous outrage. Willing to be most of those whining didn’t even patronize that particular location. When I was a kid I called it Fucky fried chicken. Parents thought it was hilarious and apparently have it on cassette tape somewhere. No, I’d be more concerned if the pizza-bay-the-slice place next to Casanova Lounge on Valencia closed as that place has saved my butt after a night of imbibing, two crazy large slices for $10. As for a Waffle House, heck yeah. Those are decent diners and cheap too but not as cheap as one in Louisiana. I remember being stunned at the low prices. I’m talking a couple waffles, eggs, bacon, coffee, around $10 too. Anyway, happy new year. I ended up at a chachanteng in Oakland (Shooting Star Cafe) for no other than a club sandwich and HK milk tea. It hit the spot.

The back of the hill said...

Willing to bet most of those whining didn’t even patronize that particular location.

There is plenty of evidence that they can't because they're red-state trolls trying to piss off people via the internet. Some of them are religious folks in Iowa.

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