Friday, June 02, 2023


Sadly, the only time we can celebrate Dutch American contributions to American civilization is today. It's 'National Donut Day'. Donuts were invented by Dutch Americans. Sure, there were a number of presidents who were unapologetically Dutch American, plus we introduced the native Americans to scalping -- a pleasant and educational past-time which, under the right circumstances could yield rewards -- as well as numerous other great things, but we get one measly stinkin' day.

"Is that the hair and blood-dripping head skin of one of "those" people? Why yes it is! How very splendid! Here is a shiny gold ducat for you!"

Other ethnicities get an entire month. We get a day. Which we have to share with corporate interests as well the Salvation Army. Naturally this blogger, who counts the Roosevelts AND Van Buren as relatives (and I can actually trace the connections multiple ways) intends to celebrate. In proper Dutch style. By acting superior and sneering all day.
Actually I'm rather glad that the focus is on artery clogging and morbid obesity instead of Dutch American culture, because, truth be told, I've seen what you all do for the Irish, poor bastards, and I would rather not have moronic teenagers clog-dancing down Market Street to sprightly tunes from Overysel and Groningen, waving tulips and tossing crap at the crowd.
Or frat boys getting drunk on Damrak vodka and genever.

Besides, musically we're no great shakes.
Far worse than the Irish.

Dinner this evening will probably be mihun goreng with little bits of meat and yauchoi, dash of ketjap manis, and a fried egg on top, plus plenty of sambal. Followed by coffee and a pipe.
While happily reading about our many bloody achievements.
Rapine, slaughter, and great paintings.
Vondel and Brederode.

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