Tuesday, June 13, 2023


There is at times nothing subtle about this blogger (as you may have noticed), and this statement must be seen as a trigger warning for poor wee butterflies in the Red States.
Who may be hurt by this news, and how it's formulated.

Repeat: nothing subtle.

Former president Trump, small handed loser of the last election, showed up in court today in a city dominated by Spanish speakers. Looking bloated and damnded well constipated from too much Bud Light and Adderol for breakfast, he stumbled and stammered his way through proceedings, repeated addressing Aileen Cannon and others as "Judge Judy", before finally shedding his voluminously filled incontinence diapers and gaily swanning about, shouting "you are not ready for me to reveal my true form!"
Twenty to possibly forty of his devotees outside the building whooped ecstatically, channeling for paranoid worm goddess Kari Lake, who couldn't be there because she's scared of humans. Except for Trump the loser, whom she secretely adores.
It's those delicate soft little fingers.
She imagines their feel.

It is rumoured that his lawyers cowered under benches and rainbow flags, terrified. They've seen what happens when he rears up and displays his mantle; it's a mating dance they would rather not experience again. It takes hours to wash the stench off.

In any case, it was quite exciting, and will dominate the news for weeks. Vladimir Putin is supposed to testify, if he can come down from his cocaine and hormone therapy binge.
Jair Messias Bolsonaro and Victor Orban will also be there.
Oh, it will be so very very splendid! A party!
And the South will rise again!

Orange goo.

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