Thursday, June 22, 2023


Once again, I am reminded that any medical matters I post on Facebook are material that may confuse people, and be held against me. Reason being that A) some people cannot read carefully or critically, and B) vocabulary is a vast and deep ocean of confusing terms, best not speak English, it's too difficult. Consequently I wish to affirm that my fifth eye itches, and my chelicerae hurt, particularly because the semi-softened keratin and cartilegenous parts of my dinner irritated both my labrum and my labium. Oh, the haemolymph ache!

Lets see if that gets an idiot reaction.

It's not just the idiots.
Sometimes it's good people with a reasonable level of intelligence who, bless them, are quite incapable of accurate interpretations of text. Years ago a good friend, military veteran and all-round decent perspicacious guy, misinterpreted a statement I made and had kittens.

I didn't bother correcting him, and never tried to mend the relationship.

Perhaps if he read the first paragraph here he'd be confused.

Might even call the authorities on me.

"There's a transgender liberal Muslim groomer loose in your city. He's armed with hard bitey bits, and wants to infect everybody with laborits and purpliums! And he's probably African American and/or lesbian!"

In other news, I shall henceforth identify as a vampire bat.
And insist on overhead bars in all restrooms.
Suitable for my kind.

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