Thursday, August 04, 2022


As an illustration of stupidity, there have been over fourteen thousand covid deaths in the United States since a month ago. These were mostly preventable. Statistically they were overwhelmingly among watchers of Duck Dynasty, so there is no problem, and we've improved as a nation. A remarkable number of them were drinkers of Frappucinos.

I mention this for readers who find my negativity about Caucasians, Republicans, and Christians recently objectionable. Good luck disputing the statement.

Think about it as long as you want.

You know it's true.

In other news, the algorithms seem to think that people like me are likely to buy tickets to watch Roger Waters perform live in San Francisco. Do I look like I'd want anything to do with that stinking anti-Semite? Well?!? Screw him and his repulsive fan base.
I've naturally reported that advertisement as "offensive".

So far, tentative plans for later in the day involve duck.
Nothing is firm yet. We'll see what happens.
First a smoke after coffee.
And a walk.

The reason why duck is that the straight shooting shorthaired waitress is working today. I like her, and I want that place to survive. The pandemic has not been kind to the neighborhood, and I've made it a point to patronize the businesses there as much as possible.
And I'm nothing if not self-interested in my spending.
I like roast duck very much.

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