Saturday, August 13, 2022


For which rabid Republican shit-weaselette does the phrase "somebody smack that bitch" immediately come to mind when reading the latest news? Hint: It's Marjorie Taylor Greene, though Lauren Boebert comes a close second. As I understand it, both creatures perfectly represent their constituents as well as the great state of Texas AND a mudpuddle somewhere.

Why is it that every female Republican politician is a strident ambulatory vomit bag? Except for San Francisco's own Ellen Lee Zhou, a fervently religious Christian who lacks a firm grounding, bless her heart. Which is very sad.

In case you're wondering about Greene and Boebert, Boebert represents somewhere in Colorado, and Marjorie Taylor Green is the representative of Bumf*ck in the South.
Ellen Lee Zhou lost the local election in which she ran hands down.

Then of course there's Tulsi Gabbard, who is hand in pants with the Russians and acts like their mole and mouthpiece, as well as homemaker and elderly rabid dingo Sarah Palin.

[Tulsi Gabbard is allegedly a Democrat. A notorious self-promoting opportunist and bullshitter.]


These five and Louie Gomert represent America's womanhood. They are fine upstanding people, paragons, and examples to the world. We should crowdfund sending them somewhere abroad to further the spread of civilization.

At home.

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