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This past Friday, as he always does, our president Melania's husband and Ivanka's dad, held a briefing at his residence. And for the life of me I cannot understand what the hell he said.

Here's an excerpt.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you’re asking that because of what happened — it’s a fair question, too — what happened in Denver.  Because in Denver, I’ve never seen — I said, “What’s going on?” We’re looking at this graph where everything’s looking beautiful and it’s coming down and then you got this one spike.  It’s — I said, “What happened to Denver?”

And many people, very quickly, and they — by the way, they were on it like, so fast, you wouldn’t believe it.  They knew every aspect.  They had people go and — not only testing, “Who did you see? Where were you? How many people did you meet? Were you out to dinner in somebody else’s home? Where were you?” Where did — where did this number of people come from? How did — they are totally on it.

Now, this just happened.  I just saw it this morning.  I’m looking at everything smooth, going down, topping out.  And then you have this one spike in Denver.  It’s like, where did this come from?

So we’ll be looking at that.  And we don’t want cases like that happening.  This was — but this — this is the kind of thing can happen.  This is very complex.

This is a very brilliant enemy. You know, it’s a brilliant enemy. They develop drugs like the antibiotics. You see it. Antibiotics used to solve every problem. Now one of the biggest problems the world has is the germ has gotten so brilliant that the antibiotic can’t keep up with it. And they’re constantly trying to come up with a new — people go to a hospital and they catch — they go for a heart operation — that’s no problem, but they end up dying from — from problems. You know the problems I’m talking about. There’s a whole genius to it.

We’re fighting — not only is it hidden, but it’s very smart. Okay? It’s invisible and it’s hidden, but it’s — it’s very smart. And you see that in a case like a Denver.

But, you know, I think we’re doing well, and they’re on Denver like you wouldn’t believe.  I came in this morning; it was a flurry.  I said what’s going on?  They said, “Denver.”  I said, “What happened to Denver?”  Because Denver was doing pretty well.  And they’ve got that under control.  But, yeah, that would be a case where you do some very big testing.


Q Mr. President,  we’ve learned that more than 16 million Americans filed for unemployment over the past three weeks.  It’s Good Friday.  It’s payday.  We are seeing troubling, paralyzing lines at food banks around the country.  What do you say to those Americans in need right this moment?

THE PRESIDENT: Number one, I love them.  Number two, we’re working really hard.  It wasn’t their fault, what happened.  Sometimes they don’t do a good job and they lose their job.  That’s one thing.  This is a case where we take the strongest economy in the history of the world, which is what we had.  More people working in the United States, Peter, than ever before.  Almost — I mean, look at the numbers: 160 million people, almost.  Just short of 160.

Q (Inaudible.)


So, we have the greatest economy we’ve ever had.  And, by the way, black unemployment, Hispanic unemployment, Asian unemployment — the best numbers we’ve ever had in virtually every way.  And then you get hit like this, and it’s traumatic.

People that had great jobs, that went out to dinner, and they didn’t have any problems, they’d take their family, they were making good salaries, all of a sudden — you know, you use the term, “cold turkey.”  It’s cold turkey.  They go from that to having no money and waiting for their checks, which are being processed very rapidly.  But they still — they have to go out and look for money.

It’s a terrible thing.  All I say is: We love them, we’re working so hard, and they’re going to be back.  And I hope they’re going to be back even stronger than before.

Q Let me ask you about that, if I can, just to follow up then.  You chose not to do a national stay-at-home order.  Now that you say you want to reopen parts of the economy, what authority do you have to do that?  Isn’t that ultimately up to the states to do that?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. Yeah — no, it’s really — the states can do things if they want.  I can override it if I want.  But the national stay-at-home — just so you understand, 95 percent of the country is stay-at-home.

Like, as an example, I was speaking with the great governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, the other day.  He has a stay-at-home.   A lot of people didn’t even know it, but he had a stay-at -home.  Some people reported Texas wasn’t.  He had a very strong — actually, a very strong stay-at-home.

Ninety-five to ninety-six percent in South Carolina, as you know, has it, which at one point, a week ago, they didn’t have.  South Carolina — another great governor — McMaster.

SOURCE: Remarks by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Members of the Coronavirus Task Force in Press Briefing -- April 10, 2020

It seems to be primarily about dinner.
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