Sunday, January 28, 2018


How very disappointing! I was quite looking forward to some congee this evening when I return from Marin, but the dried oysters (蠔豉 'ho si') have developed mold! They are now in the garbage, and today's dinner prospects have dimmed. It was probably not a good idea to purchase them during the rains a few weeks ago.....

Still, with slightly over two weeks to go before New Year, there should be an abundant supply in the shops along Stockton Street. Once my work week is over, I'll check that new shop where Ivy's (大發人參海味行 'daai faat yan sam hoi mei hong') was three years ago. Nice big dried oysters!

A neat-o shortcut when making congee is to use the blender. If you're in a hurry, it saves you hours of slow simmering. But I was going to put the oysters to soak in the refrigerator till I came home.
For that there is no make-shift.

This year, what with being a single and solitary man, I think preparing ho si fat choi (好事發財) might be overkill. But hair vegetable added to dried oyster and lean pork congee would be a nice touch.

Simple, too, and in it's own way elegant.

My apartment mate might like it.

Festive comfort food.

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