Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Little White Nipple Dude asked me what I thought was the best Indian dish. Probably because Indian food is so limited, and he wishes to try it so that he can counter or comment on my opinion. I mentioned the potatoes with fried dried chilies in a toasted cumin butter cream sauce, accompanied by fresh naan, that Jheet Singh used to prepare for me late in the evening. But there is also Roghan Josh, wich isn't really Indian -- the words 'ravgan' and 'josh' are Perso-Urdu, and translate as grease frazzle -- but Kashmiri and partly Afghan. The genuine article is quite different from anything an Indian restaurant does, just like restaurant versions of Vindaloo, Jalfrezi, and Dhansak. Which are meaningless menu terms in most cases.
But without fresh hot roti, all of this is pointless.
Naan, kulcha, rumali, or chapati.

And of course some achaar.

Most northerners would probably want a bowl of yoghurt, lentils ka tarka, and a vegetable dish (sabji) along with, or instead of. And would choose a different meal than a gaura.

Little White Nipple Dude was baffled by the time I mentioned 'ghee' in the toasted cumin butter cream sauce, zoned out entirely when I spoke of roti, and now will probably never talk to me again about Indian food. Which is excellent -- his conversation lacks 'spice' -- but I didn't even get to mention Mirch ka salan, Katal muzaffar, Biriani, Awadhi shami kabab, Navrattan korma, Sarson da saag, Dam pukht, or other delights.

Somehow, I have hobbled Little white Nipple Dude yet again. It's become an unfortunate habit. Because he's a nice enough chappie, and inoffensive.
With far too many fancy lighters which he keeps flicking, to the consternation of his imaginary wife and daughter.

He once snipped off someone's thumb with a cigar cutter.

And dated a girl. Who didn't show up.

A harmless man.

Here, for nearly no reason, is an illustrative video.


[SOURCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnVf1ZoCJSo.]

It's surprisingly relevant. Life is like that.
His life. Not mine.

Ich habe absolut keinen affen dabei.

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