Thursday, January 18, 2018


Yesterday I went out for drinks and nibbling with some old friends from the toy company. This post was going to be about that, happily kvelling and stuff, but when I got home last night I went onto Facebook.

Two things.

Numbah one: Circumcision, according to someone, is the equivalent of Female Genital Mutilation.

Numbah two: A dickhead on the internet, don't know who, is convinced that Black, Latinos, (Feminist) women, Muslims, and (Liberal) Jews, are all intent on wiping out my country, my culture, and my race.
And waging total war to effect that.

If anyone is waging war on my country, my culture, and my race, it's the idiots in Trump's America, as well as the traumatized little self-absorbed pussies wailing about circumcision.

Stop thinking about my equipment. I am perfectly happy the way snippity snip made me.

And my culture, for what it's worth, is in no danger of ever being wiped out. There aren't enough pale complected illiterates to turn the whole country into Trailerparkistan.

I had a great time last night. All the members present were circumcised and liberal, and outnumbered by self-confident women who had no interest whatsoever in that aspect of us, OR waging total war against whatever we represented. Two of them are in fact married to white men, about the condition of whose regenerative organs none of us have ever asked.
Their petzlech, country, culture, and ethnicity just haven't come up.

That they are white is just an assumption; for all anyone knows they could be mutilated and angry black feminist lesbians.
Or Muslims, liberals, and Jews.
Of any gender.
Or race.

My culturally dominant cut Caucasian Peter was not mentioned, and that leaves me neither traumatized nor feeling threatened.

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