Monday, January 15, 2018


After spending a number of days working in Marin County -- which unlike Norway is a shithole, because there is no universal healthcare, decent free education up to and including college, gun control, and various other things that the civilized world takes for granted -- it is always good to have a few days off back in San Francisco. Which is also a shithole in the same way that Marin is a shithole, but without all the folks who have monumental attitude problems and senses of entitlement.

As shitholes go, San Francisco is a far better class shithole.

Marin County is a shithole with shittier people.

Much like Donald Trump country.

That type of ass.

Naturally my dinner this evening was celebratory stuff almost guaranteed to bring on an attack of gout, accompanied by strong coffee, which will soon be followed by Scotch and a pipefull of tobacco.
'F' it all, I'm home.

Mange deler av USA er shit huller som er uegnede for menneskelig beboelse, befolket av hårkledde villde menner.

The colourful sentence above explains precisely why so few Norwegians wish to immigrate. For three thousand miles it's mostly dumbass.
Plus their coffee and tobacco are better.
And no Marinites.

The older I get the more I sympathize with Eric Cartman.
Or find myself saying the same things.

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Anonymous said...

Marin county and Santa Barbara must share the same DNA- Most unfortunate .

Alex Birch said...

Those places are shit holes, because they are beleaguered by muds, and California has income inequality that puts South America to shame. Whereas Norway is white, Nordic, sane, with a healthy middle class. They do have guns;they just don't need them. American whites buy guns for good reason. They are more likely to be victims of black and mud crime, than receive decent services from an unsympathetic government. You liberals want civilization without civilized stock, then you wish to strip people of their only means of protection. American cops are lazy, if not sometimes dangerous. A gun is all poorer Americans have, especially when they are surrounded by non-whites who wrongly pin all their troubles onto whites. What you liberals want is even more of the same thing we already have. This is your future. It is here already. Learn to love it, baby.

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