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Thursday, June 27, 2013


As part of my on-going presentation of the eating habits of the feral San Francisco Bachelor, let me give you the following tasty and nutritious snack, prepared recently after an hors d'oeuvre of warm apple pie. Please note that it can easily be prepared at home, there is no need to invite me over to cook for you.
No doubt you are relieved.


Two eggs, clotsed.
A large fistful of chunked ham.
Two tablespoons of capers, drained.
Two tablespoons of grated cheese.
Half an avocado, chunks.
One scallion, minced.
One tablespoon Crystal hot-sauce.
One tablespoon of lime juice.

Pour a liberal splash of olive oil into the skillet, sauté the scallion briefly and then add the ham chunks. Once they start to brown, add the capers, then the avocado. Agitate, add the beaten eggs, and swirl around. Sprinkle the cheese over and stir to incorporate as it melts. Liberally dash on the hot sauce and add a generous squeeze of lime juice.
Serve on toast points while surfing the internet.

The avocado was what remained after a previous snack, and the ham came from a Danish tin purchased a very long time ago. The capers were in one of the several open jars at the back of the refrigerator.
I would've added more stuff, but I forgot where I put it.
Anything that looked good at the time was there.

Adding tomato sauce was also a possibility.
But that would have been overkill.
Too much like stale pizza.


The apple pie that preceded this spontaneous feast came from Heidi's Pies, located at 1941 South El Camino Real, San Mateo. Ca 94403. Telephone: 650-574-0505. It was delicious. My apartment mate had left it in the refrigerator and told me to go ahead and help myself.

If served early in the day, have a cup of milk tea alongside.
If late at night, Bourbon or Sherry.

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