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Wednesday, June 06, 2012


For some reason the name Henry Darger came up more than once recently in conversation. Henry Darger, as the attentive reader remembers, was the obsessive genius to whom e-kvetcher once compared me.

Literature mavens everywhere were dismayed, depressed even, when that stellar composer in the field of prose passed from the scene.
We need to name a literary prize after him.

Anyway, while providing background detail on the aforementioned wordsmith, reference was made to a cocktail that I had invented:


2 oz Bourbon.
Heavy dash Grenadine.
Three drops Angostura.
Over ice in a highball glass, top with ginger ale.
Add a cherry, a bendy straw, and an umbrella.

Suitable for coming out events, funerals, baby showers, and QuinceaƱeras, as well as both bar and bat mitzvoth.
Especially if you have Hello Kitty highball glasses.

Note: Can also be made with Scotch. I suggest Dalmore.

I make mention of this, because apparently some complete degenerate out there is marketing pipe tobacco that is flavoured with Grenadine.
How horrible, and how European!
I cannot imagine anything more depraved.
This must be stopped.

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