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Tuesday, May 01, 2012


Rest easy, San Francisco, there were no interruptions to lunch.
Nobody handing out multi-page flyers about the ideals of the occupy movement, no massed protestors with black bandannas covering the lower half of their faces destroying plate glass, no red banners moving down the street while people yelled jejune revolutionary slogans.

On the other hand, riot-tourists in Oakland have violently clashed with the police, thrown bottles, and overturned garbage cans.

'Garbage cans are a potent symbol of the ruling class!'

'We must overthrow the trash-receptacle dictatorship!'

If you think there’s a subtle undertone of disparagement for the occupy movement in this post, you are absolutely correct.
About the only thing I can feel for the self-absorbed ‘entitled’ folk remaining in the movement is that indeed it is a darn shame that there aren’t enough Revolutionary Red Panties to go around.
Red panties are zesty and EXTREMELY hot hot hot.
Either bikini briefs, or French cut.
Watch me perspire.

Like a true member of the bourgeoisie, I am currently wearing pin-stripe bankers’ boxers.
You cannot see them, they’re under my slacker slacks.
I’m wearing them ironically.

If the Berkeleyites and Black Block set fire to Oakland this evening, I shall briefly enjoy the splendid sight from one of the San Francisco hilltops, before heading home and picking up a book.
An anti-revolutionary book.
Written by someone middle-class and dead.
He was a very good writer, and the world is a better place because of him.

I doubt that anyone in the occupy movement will leave the world a better place.

Unless they leave.

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