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Monday, May 28, 2012


Three day holidays are made for wandering around the downtown.
I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, the sense of not having to interact, and the just general restfulness of a city that’s almost deserted while everyone has gone to the beach or the mountains.
Now if only the tourists would leave, everything would be perfect.
Nobody but us old geezers wandering peacefully through a dream-state, with our various smoking equipments, and beatific attitudes, and kindly glinting eyes, enjoying the silence and the nicotine.

Occasionally savouring a bowl of rice porridge or noodle soup.

So far it's been a very good day. Everyone understood every word I said. You might not think that remarkable, but considering that from Stockton and Clay till I got to the office I did not use a word of English, I'm feeling pretty chuffed about that.
The quest for snackiepoos. 叉燒酥. Looking over a rack of books. Another cup of coffee.  豆沙餅. Discussion about sharkfin and deer antler fuzz. 
A query about a particular word - I know the meaning, but how is it pronounced?
Ah, so!

A full bowl of aged Red Virginia Flake in a favourite pipe, darkened and shiny from much handling. Ghostly whisps of ancient fragrance trailing down deserted streets, finishing with a final ethereal trace of sweetness ere crossing California.  There's nothing left but fine white ash.
Now for a nice cup of tea, and a spot of reading.
Three day holidays are for the internet.

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