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Friday, September 09, 2011


It wasn't kosher, but with minor changes it could be.
Some Chinese might shy away from it because it contained non-standard ingredients and chilies.
Many WASPS ('White Anglo-Saxon Protestants') probably wouldn't eat it because they turn up their nose at everything.
Most Dutch people would never touch it because they wouldn't know what to make of it, and the cook is an American, so it just cannot possibly be edible.

It tasted fine.

[Gestoomde klits-ei met Italiaansch gehakt.]

3 large eggs.
¾ cup of water, or slightly more.
¾ of an Italian sausage, de-skinned.
Six to eight stalks of asparagus, cut and blanched.
Drizzle sesame oil.
Drizzle olive oil.
Dash soy sauce.
Dash fish sauce.
Hefty squeeze of lime juice.
Plenty of minced scallion and cilantro.
One or two sliced Jalapeño chilies.

Mash the Italian sausage thoroughly with the eggs, then add in the water and whisk till smoothly blended with little bits of the meat evenly dispersed throughout.
Add the asparagus, re-whisk.
Pour it into a large greased pyrex pie dish and steam it for ten minutes.
While it is cooking, stir the sesame oil, olive oil, soy sauce, and fish sauce with the scallion, cilantro, and chilies, bruising the green stuff slightly to free the flavours.
One or two minutes before the end of cooking, distribute this over the top of the steaming dish.


The addition of water to the egg in equal or greater measure ensures a light and easily digestible 'custard', and steamed water egg dishes are among the easiest of Cantonese home-cooked dishes to make. Very satisfying!

Along with a clear soup, plain white rice, and some stirfried baby bokchoi, and you have a simple meal.

You could even cook some mussels with garlic and fermented black beans if you wanted a feast......

But that would require a few more people around the table.

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